Is Lucky Mobile LTE?

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Is Lucky Mobile an LTE Network?

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Bell Canada’s Lucky Mobile is a prepaid virtual mobile network provider in Canada.

Lucky Mobile is a Bell Mobility subsidiary, along with Virgin Plus, established in December of last year.

Chatr and Public Mobile compete in the same market category as this low-cost mobile phone service.


Mobile virtual network provider Lucky Mobile provides texting, prepaid calling, and 3G-like speed data via Bell Mobility’s 4G network in select Canadian areas.

While the network seems to be 4G on mobile devices, independent speed tests done in April 2018 reveal maximum download rates of roughly 3 Mbps, which indicates that the Lucky Mobile network is truly throttled.

Is Lucky Mobile an LTE Network?

As a resident of Canada, you’re likely familiar with Lucky Mobile’s low-cost phone plans.

The Bell LTE network, serving 99 percent of Canadians, provides the foundation for Lucky’s operation.

Lucky Mobile’s data connections are throttled to 3Mbps, close to 3G speeds, which may not be sufficient if you rely extensively on your phone during the day, but this low-cost, prepaid carrier.

Is the Lucky Mobile Card Compatible with My Phone?

To use our service, you must have an unlocked phone compatible with our network.

Some services may not be available if you have a specific phone model.

To use 1700 MHz LTE AWS or 700 MHz LTE bands, your phone must be HSPA/UMTS compatible with the 850 to 1900 MHz bands or be able to work with LTE 700 MHz bands.

For details on network compatibility, consult your phone’s user handbook.

Coverage of LTE Mobile

Because Lucky Mobile will use Bell’s 4G network, customers can expect fantastic reception. However, you will throttle the speed to operate more like 3G.

Coverage is the basis of a plan:

  • Lucky Mobile and Chatr Mobile discontinued their zone plans at the end of 2018. These plans cover much of Canada, including the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.
  • Bell Mobility’s 4G LTE network is now being throttled or limited to 3G speeds to keep costs in check.
  • The way you utilize your data will determine whether or not this is an issue for you.
  • You may get away with using 3G if you use your data sparingly — reading and responding to emails and messages, and occasionally using social network applications like Facebook.
  • It all depends on how much data you use on your phone, so if you’re constantly streaming movies or downloading music, you may become frustrated with 3G if you’ve already experienced 4G.
  • The speed drops to 128 Kbps if you exceed the data capacity allotted in your plan, so don’t do that.

How Sluggish Is 3G Data Transfer?

Slower 3G data is okay if the price is your primary concern when choosing a phone package.

Even if 3G isn’t glacially slow, the lengthier load times it has in comparison to 4G LTE speeds are visible.

It’s probable that if you frequently use your mobile for activities that are data-heavy like streaming video and music, playing games, and publishing on social media, you’ll have difficulty with 3G speeds.

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