Is Comwave Available in Nova Scotia?

Questions & AnswersCategory: ComwaveIs Comwave Available in Nova Scotia?
Aarav asked 2 years ago
Can I avail the services of Comwave while in Nova Scotia? I need fast internet.
Can Comwave accommodate my high-speed internet requirements in Nova Scotia?
What other services are available that my business can benefit from while using Comwave in Nova Scotia?

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes, the services of Comwave are available in Nova Scotia.

Comwave is constantly growing and expanding its network across Canada.

The company offers multiple telecommunication services for both residential and business clients.

Whether you require a fast internet connection, a home phone that is reliable and ensures high-quality calls using VoIP, or internet TV, Comwave has got you covered with all services being of high quality.

The company offers excellent services in over 1,600 cities across Canada and the United States.

It ensures the best services to its clients at the lowest rates. In addition to catering to residential clients, the company also offers its services to business clients.

The services offered to business clients include Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking, which is compatible with most leading phone service providers across Canada.

The company also provides the Webex Phone system, which can be availed in three versions:

1 – Calling: You can use Webex as a standard business phone where you can make all your calls from your desk or transfer them to your mobile using the Webex application.

2 – Calling and Messaging: Comwave offers secure messaging. Whether you text someone at a one-on-one level or make groups with your team, Comwave Webex has got you covered

3 – Calling, Messaging, and Meetings: This version allows you to conduct video conferences, share screen, and and hold brainstorming sessions on a whiteboard.

It is ideal if your employees are working remotely and need to stay in touch. Webex meetings solution is among the best you can use.

In addition to the phone services, Comwave provides Always Connected™ internet service for its business clients.

This service has 100% up time to ensure you are always connected.

You can customize the internet solutions as per your requirement. This means you can define the speed, the security level you require, and even if you would like to avail wireless internet services. Speed can be selected between 10 Mbps, up to 1 Gbps.

Comwave offers top-notch data security. Their servers are protected with enterprise-grade security, which ensures your data remains protected from malware, viruses, and any unwarranted intrusions.

They also offer enterprise Cloud solutions that include design, deployment & monitoring of your business’s unique requirements to ensure complete peace of mind!

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