How to get a Sasktel Email Address?

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Billy asked 2 years ago
I have been researching mySASKTEL for quite some time and, owing to the overwhelmingly positive reviews, have decided to sign up for the service.
Can anyone guide me on how I can get a Sasktel email address?
Many thanks

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Billy,

To get your mySASKTEL email, you need to have a Sasktel account number (if you need help finding your account number, you can call 1-800-727-5835 to make your profile) and one of the following:

  • The list-billed amount
  • A wireless Sasktel phone number
  • Personal ID on file
  • An email ID

If you have one of the above, you can use the following steps to get your Sasktel email address:

Step 1: Creating the Profile

  1. Visit the mySASKTEL website or open the mobile application
    If you are using the browser, choose ‘Register’
    If you are using the app, choose ‘More’ (the icon with the three-dots) > Profile > Register now
  2. Enter the email ID which you will be using for your mySASKTEL profile
    Emails containing 8 or more numbers cannot be used
  3. Choose ‘Submit’
    If your entered email address is already linked to a Sasktel profile, you will be requested to use that email address to directly log in.
    If you do not remember the password for that email, you can choose the ‘Forgot Password’ option and create a new one
  4. Pick your account type
    Personal, Business or Prepaid (noSTRINGS Prepaid wireless service)
  5. Complete the registration form
    Enter the Sasktel Account Number
    Create a password
    Enter a nickname (optional)
  6. Choose ‘Submit’

The Sasktel password should:

  • Have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 30 characters
  • Have at least 1 numerical digit
  • Have at least 1 letter
  • Not have any character repeated thrice
  • At least 1 special character (the special characters allowed are: ! $ ( ) , – . : ; ? @ { } [ ] ^_ ~ )

At this point, you will receive an email on your provided email address.

You should receive this email within a few minutes of completing the registration form. If you cannot find the email in your inbox, check your junk/spam folder.

Step 2: Identity Confirmation

1 – Open the email sent by Sasktel, and choose ‘Complete Profile’

Make sure to do this within 48 hours of receiving the email; if you do it after this time frame, you will have to choose ‘Resend email’

2 – Log in to mySASKTEL

3 – You will be asked to confirm your identity

You can choose one of the following three options to confirm your identity:

  • Last billed amount (this option is not available to noSTRINGS Prepaid users)
  • A text field will show up, where you will have to enter the most recent bill amount for the account that you want to set up
  • The amount should be entered to two decimal places
  • The dollar sign should not be entered
  • If the most recent bill amount is a credit, enter a minus (-) sign before the amount (-28.84, for instance)
  • Personal ID (this option is not available to users who do not have their personal IDs on file, nor is it available to noSTRINGS Prepaid users)
  • A drop-down menu will show up, listing all your ID types that Sasktel has on file
  • Pick any one ID type (driver’s license or health card, for instance)
  • Enter the last 3 digits of your chosen ID type
  • Text the code to XXX-XXX-X123 (this option is available to noSTRINGS Prepaid users; you will see the last three digits of the number on which the PIN will be sent)
  • Choose ‘Send Text’
  • You will receive a 4-digit PIN code through text message; enter that code
  • Choose ‘Submit’

If your entered information matches the information in the Sasktel system, you will receive a ‘You are now signed up for mySASKTEL’ message

Step 3: Using mySASKTEL

Choose ‘Go to mySASKTEL’ to view your profile and available services. If you want to add more profiles to your account, choose ‘Link Accounts’

All of your Sasktel accounts can be added to a single Sasktel profile

Once you have done all of the above, you are now set to start using mySASKTEL to receive your e-bill and manage your services and accounts in several ways.


If need help registering your profile and getting a mySASKTEL email address, call 1-800-727-5835; a Sasktel’s customer representatives will complete your profile and send you an email to complete the process

You will need to confirm your date of birth and create a Sasktel password for your account.

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