How to Descale Nespresso?

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Jessica asked 2 years ago
Anyone knows how to descale a Nespresso machine?

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago
Nespresso machines are widely available, which is why most people choose these machines. The company highly recommends all of its customers descale their Nespresso machines on a regular basis to ensure that it stays in tip-top condition and continues to give you fresh coffee. 

Over time, as the Nespresso coffee machine ages, scale builds up in the machine. The water used up in the machine to make the coffee may cause this internal mineral build-up. The flow and temperature within the machine are also negatively impacted. As a result, the overall performance of your Nespresso machine may have declined, and it is likely not making an aromatic and rich cup of coffee anymore.

But you must not worry. Nothing is wrong with your Nespresso machine; it just needs to be descaled. The process of doing it is actually quite simple. On their FAQ page, the company recommends that you use their own Nespresso Descaling kit rather than using household products like vinegar. This will ensure that there is no damage done to the machine.

When you visit the Machines Assistance page, you can find detailed instructions on the descaling process for each machine model. Click on the one you have, and the website provides instructions on how to descale it properly. 

Descaling Nespresso Machine

It is imperative that before you begin with the descaling procedure, you thoroughly read up on the instructions and safety precautions. The provided descaling solution can be quite dangerous and harmful if it comes in contact with the skin, eyes, and surfaces. 

Moreover, the exact descaling frequency required for each machine also varies, which is why you should visit the website to learn more about descaling each model of a Nespresso machine. 

If you want your Nespresso machine to keep giving you an aromatic and fresh cup of coffee, you must descale it with the descaling kit. The process of using the kit is also essentially simple. The first step is to clean your machine by taking all of the components out and cleaning them using warm water and a mild detergent.

You should also wipe down the outside body of the machine using a damp cloth. Once all components have dried, reassemble the machine and begin the descaling process. For this, you should add a bit of the descaling liquid to the machine and fill the rest with water. The exact amount depends on the model of Nespresso you have.

You should also put your coffee in Descaling mode first. For this, it is best to visit the Assistance page and check how to put a specific machine model in descaling mode. The process varies according to the model you have.

Once you put it in the descaling mode, the machine will do its job. When it’s done, you will simply need to carefully clean the water tank and wipe down the inside of the machine to remove the descaling agent. Repeat this entire procedure one more time.

Then, fill up the water tank to remove any remains of the descaling agent. After this, press the coffee button to rinse. You should also take your machine off descaling mode at this point. Your descaling is done! 

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