How to delete a Netflix profile?

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Savannah asked 2 years ago
Hi everyone. I used to share my Netflix account with my boyfriend. Now we have 2 distinct subscriptions and I’d like to delete his user from my subscription. How can I do it? Thanks!

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admin Staff answered 2 years ago

Netflix profiles are a great way to help keep your content separate from your friends and family, without having to pay for an entirely separate account. A single Netflix account can hold up to 5 profiles.

To delete a Netflix profile you must go to the manage profiles page of your account. Before you are able to access this part of the account, you must be fully logged in using your email address and password. From there you select the profile that you want to change or delete. When hovering over the profile, you need to select the edit icon.

Once you have chosen to edit the profile, you can choose to change the name, image, or language from this page. If you want to delete an account, you select the delete button and the profile will be deleted. Netflix should ask if you are sure you want to delete the profile. You can select yes to delete it or choose no if you are unsure about whether or not you want to delete it forever.

When you delete a profile, you will lose all of your watch history and game saves. The profile will no longer be available. Therefore, if you delete the profile, it will be gone forever. You can create a new profile, but it will not have the same information that your last profile had.

One thing to note is that you can never delete the main profile on your account. The main profile will be on your account forever until you delete the account entirely. You can make changes to the main profile, but not delete it.

Some devices that are made before 2013 will not allow you to delete an account or change an account from the app on the device itself. If you want to make a change or delete the profile, you may need to use a mobile or laptop browser to make the changes. You can simply visit and follow the above instructions to delete or modify a profile.

Profiles are a great way to get a fresh start on Netflix. Since Netflix gives you recommendations for what to watch and what you might like to watch, you can create a new profile if you are unhappy with Netflix’s recommendations. You can also add a new profile anytime (up to five total) to watch different things and create suggestions for different people in your family.

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