How to Cancel Fit4less Membership?

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R.V. asked 2 years ago
I’m really sick of them, I wanna cancel my membership!!!

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago
Fit4Less is one of Canada’s largest budget gym chains that can be found all over the country.
They have nearly a hundred gyms in various provinces. It’s the perfect option for people searching for affordable, high-quality, state-of-the-art gyms.

The best part is that Fit4Less offers tons of benefits and features to their members, all for incredibly low membership fees! The main goal of Fit4less is to make healthy living an option for all citizens of Canada. This is why they have perks that are unmatchable to any kind of gym, all for an affordable price.There is likely a Fit4less gym near you if you want to sign up. Simply visit their website to find out about their 95 locations.

However, if you have already signed up but no longer want to continue your membership with Fit4Less, that’s okay. You can easily cancel your membership whenever you want to.

There are multiple ways to do it, but you cannot cancel your membership online.

Cancelling Your Fit4Less Membership

The easiest way to cancel your membership is to go to your nearby Fit4Less gym and ask them to process your membership cancellation.

Alternatively, you can also call them at the number you can find on this page, depending on your location. However, it must be noted that the easiest way to cancel your membership is through physically visiting the gym. It is also much quicker. This is because their phone lines are mainly used for other purposes.  Hence, there is a chance that they might not pick up or get back to you.

However, before you cancel your membership, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

First of all, Fit4Less requires at least 30 days’ notice before cancelling your membership. Moreover, they tend to have a commitment period for all members (unless you opt for the non-commitment membership). Therefore, if you are still in your commitment period, you are required to continue paying for a whole year. If you have paid for the whole year in advance and you want to cancel your membership a couple of months later, the paid amount is non-refundable. Hence, in such cases, it is better to continue the gym for a year and then cancel your membership to avoid wasting your money.

None of this applies to ‘Black Card’ members since they don’t need to serve out a commitment period.
Similarly, individuals who have purchased a membership after June 2020 can also cancel their membership without any prior notice. These rules only apply to regular Fit4Less members who signed up before June 2020.

All in all, cancelling your membership at Fit4Less is not complicated at all. Once you are eligible, the employees help you every step of the way, have given your month’s notice and informed them beforehand. The only issue comes due to their strict policies for members who signed up with a commitment period before June 2020.

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