How Much Caffeine in a Nespresso Pod?

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Melody asked 2 years ago
I was curious about a thing, how much caffeine there is in a Nespresso pod?

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago
Nespresso is one of the top-ranking coffee machine and solution companies that produce not just its own line of Nespresso machines but various types of pods and capsules. They range in flavours and caffeine types.

This is why it is difficult to find the exact caffeine concentration in a Nespresso pod. You can visit Nespresso’s FAQ section, where you can find the answer to this question. The answer is that all varieties of pods are estimated to contain about 60 to 90mg caffeine. The exact concentration depends on the amount of coffee used to prepare the pod and the variety of green coffee used.
For example, decaffeinated pods contain less than 0.1% of their caffeine. Additionally, the Robusta line has an average of 2.4% caffeine, and the Arabica version contains approximately 1.2% caffeine. 

The best way to find out about the exact caffeine concentration in a Nespresso pod is by directly contacting the company on their Contact Us Page. Here, you can get in touch either by contacting their virtual assistant, via live chat or by directly calling them. The company has added details of all ways you can get in touch with their coffee specialists who can help you with your queries.  
To get the most accurate information, it would be helpful if you made your query as detailed as possible. You should certainly include the same coffee pod, capsule, and flavour range you want to know about.

Exact Measurements of Caffeine in Nespresso Pods

The section on caffeine content on the Nespresso website contains more details on the exact caffeine measurements in a few of the popular coffee pods sold by the company. They include the following:

  • Espresso coffee of 40ml contains 60-150mg of caffeine per cup
  • Double Espresso and Gran Lungo coffees with ranges of 80-150ml ranges contains 120-200mg of caffeine per cup
  • Larger cups that are of 230ml and 414ml of Alto and Mug coffees, contain 120 to 200mg of caffeine/cup
  • Decaffeinated coffee pods contain 4 to 12mg of caffeine in one cup
  • Half caffeinato cups contain about 70mg of caffeine in one cup 

The best way to measure caffeine content in a Nespresso pod is not by checking the intensity. Instead, it is by looking at the ratio of Robusta to Arabica coffee and the darkness of the roast. The darker it is, the more caffeine it will contain. Similarly, Robusta contains more caffeine than Arabica. 

You can also get the most amount of caffeine from your Nespresso coffee pod by extracting coffee from it for longer. It must be noted that while this will increase the caffeine concentration in your drink, it will also change the flavour profile.

Therefore, to sum, the caffeine content in each pod provided by Nespresso varies from an average of 60mg to 140mg. The best way to know the exact concentration in each pod and flavour is by getting in touch with a coffee specialist at Nespresso. You can get in touch with them by calling them via email or live chat.

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