How Many Devices for Disney Plus?

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frank asked 2 years ago
is there a device limit for disney+? sometimes we wanna see something and the kids something else.

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago
In the true essence of online streaming platforms, you would have had numerous friends and family members asking you to share your Disney Plus login details as soon as they found out you had an account. This happens with all streaming platforms, be it Disney Plus, Netflix, or even Hulu. Luckily for you, Disney Plus does allow its users to share an account with their house members to make the services more accessible and budget-friendly.
But does that mean you can share your account details with everyone you know? Absolutely not! Here is everything you should know about how many devices can use a single Disney Plus account.

How Many Devices can Share Disney Plus?

One of the best features of Disney Plus is that it allows you to share your account with your family members or housemates. This means that members within a household only need to pay for a single Disney Plus account for everyone to enjoy their favourite shows and the latest movie releases.
Your Disney Plus account can easily be associated with seven individual profiles. This ensures that each member of the household gets the chance to create their own profile over the combined account. Everyone can enjoy a customized Disney Plus experience without having to buy standalone accounts.
However, it is important to note that Disney Plus only allows four simultaneous streams at one time. Therefore, despite everyone having their own profiles, only four people can view their shows and movies on their own devices.
P.S. It is important to note that Disney Plus’s Terms of Use forbid you from sharing your password with others. If too many devices from different geographic locations try to log in to the same account, that account can be suspended. Disney Plus might even take further action against this.

What is the Download Limit When Sharing Disney Plus

Disney Plus also allows its users to download content on their devices for offline viewing. You can easily download the upcoming episodes of your favourite show on your phone to watch as you commute to work or relax after class.
Users can download shows and movies to 10 different devices through a single Disney Plus account. Moreover, there are no limitations on how many times the same title is downloaded. So, if the four-stream limit has been causing issues for your friends or family, simply ask a few of the users to download the content they wish to watch first. It barely takes a few minutes and allows everyone to continue watching at the same time, free of any additional costs!

Sharing Through Disney Plus Gift Subscriptions

Sharing doesn’t end there when it comes to Disney Plus. The streaming platform has also given users the ability to gift their loved ones a subscription. If you’re wary of sharing your password with too many people or simply don’t know what to give your movie fanatic best friend for their birthday, a Disney Plus Gift Subscription might be the best option!
Simply visit the Gift Subscription website and proceed through the pages to sign up for this service.

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