How Late Does Canpar Deliver?

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Saul asked 2 years ago
How late goes Canpar deliver?

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago

Canpar Express is Canada’s leading package delivery service based in Montreal.

Canpar Express operates 55 stations across Canada and 800 SMARTSpots

Packages that aren’t delivered can be picked up at SMARTSpot locations by customers who aren’t at home.

Canpar Express is a fast shipping option for tiny packages that don’t require much time to get to their destinations. 

Canpar Express only provides shipping within Canada’s borders. They do not offer international shipping.

How Late Does Canpar Deliver?

Business packages are delivered from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Packages may be delivered to your home even after 7 p.m.

How Long Do Local Packages Take to Be Delivered?

It’s impossible to order from Canpar Express if you live outside of the United States.

On the other hand, local packages are typically delivered within a day or two.

My Package from Canpar Hasn’t Arrived. What Should I Do?

To find out where your package is, look up the tracking number. You can contact them using their contact page if there is no new information.

There’s no harm in providing the tracking number to them.

Whenever a delivery effort is unsuccessful, the parcel is held for client pick up at a nearby location. You’ll be told where this is.

What to Do if You Miss Your Canpar Delivery? 

A notification will be left if a delivery is missed and you do not pick it up.

Canpar has a page on their website where you can find out the time for the pickup of your shipment. 

Pickup times begin at noon the next business day, and packages can be stored for up to five working days at a SMARTSpot location before being returned.

Once they drop your package at the SMARTSpot, Canpar will notify you of the location’s address.

You can contact Canpar’s customer support team to make alternate delivery arrangements for residential deliveries.

Reasons Why Your Package May Not Move 

Your package may seem to be stationary if it is en route.

No additional scanning can be performed when your package is in transit between the origin and destination terminals. 

However, tracking is updated with an arrival scan when it reaches at the destination terminal. 

Circuit Package Tracker may provide an expected delivery date depending on the origin and destination of the package.

Reasons Why Your Canpar Package May Be Pending

Your package may be pending if it hasn’t been transferred to Canpar Express or if the shipper has already prepared a label but hasn’t yet sent the item to Canpar for transport.

The circuit allows you to keep tabs on the progress of a pending shipment.

Afterward, the status of your shipment will be updated, and you’ll be able to see where your shipment is located.

You can contact the shipper if you don’t receive tracking results during 24 hours of getting your tracking number.

What Is the Procedure for Signing for a Canpar Express Shipment?

If you can’t sign for a package when it’s delivered, but you want it to be left someplace on the property, you’ll need to mention it in the note for the driver. 

The driver will require a signed copy of this message, which should be left on the porch of your house.

Do note that some packages require a signature in person and that you will not be able to leave a signed letter instead of this.

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