Does Costco Price Match?

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Jim asked 2 years ago
Does Costco price match?

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago

Costco is one of the most widely known wholesale retailers worldwide. It is an American multinational corporation with retail stores in multiple locations including Canada.

It should be noted that while Costco is one of the biggest retailers in the industry in Canada, it, unfortunately, does not offer a price match over its competitors. This is mainly because Costco believes they already offer unbelievably low prices on items that any other retailers can hardly match.

However, this does not absolutely mean that Costco does not give you chances to save extra dollars. For example, they give you internal price adjustment benefits if the price of an item drops after you have already purchased it. This guide will discuss this price adjustment feature later in more detail.

Moreover, Costco believes that its customer’s satisfaction is of the utmost priority. This is why they state on their website that if you are not happy about your purchase, they will gladly exchange it or provide you with a refund. However, there are some exclusions in this case, which is why it is best if you get in touch with the representatives on their customer service counters.

Costco Price Adjustment

While Costco’s price match is not something you can take advantage of, you can certainly consider a price adjustment. This basically refers to when you buy a product from their retail store or warehouse. Often, under certain conditions, the price of this product reduces after you have purchased it.

In such cases, you can visit the retail store and show them proof of the product you purchased and the price you paid for it. If it is higher than the product’s current price, the retail store will offer a price adjustment. In this, they will refund the difference in your price.

The best time to make use and keep your eye out for price adjustments is during the holidays or the black Friday sale. This is typically when Costco reduces the prices of its products to compete with other retailers like BestBuy, Walmart, and Target.

However, it should also be noted that this price adjustment has specific exclusions. For example, you are eligible for a price refund and adjustment if less than thirty days have gone by since your purchase. Nonetheless, some purchasers state that you can still ask for a price adjustment even after thirty days have gone by. Some have taken advantage of the price adjustment forty-five days after the purchase. Hence, it will likely depend on your luck.

Final Words

To sum up, Costco is a great retail store where you can get wholesale items at unbelievably low prices. That said, while you cannot make use of a price match at Costco like other retailers offer, you can undoubtedly benefit from a price adjustment. Hence, keep your eyes peeled for any price reductions and apply for this adjustment to earn a difference on your purchases.

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