Do SCENE Points Expire?

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Alexander asked 2 years ago
Do Scene Points expire?

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Francesca Staff answered 2 years ago

The SCENE rewards program is a great way for Canadian citizens to earn points and redeem rewards for their purchases made through Scotiabank. You can earn one SCENE point for every 5 dollars spent with the SCENE debit card. So, your points will accumulate quite fast, and you might be wondering if they expire.

Do SCENE Points Expire?

Members of the SCENE+ Rewards program will be glad to find out that SCENE points aren’t rewarded for a limited time period. This means that your SCENE points will not expire, no matter how long ago you earned them. This is a unique feature of the SCENE+ rewards program, as most other loyalty programs only allow their members to use the points that they have accumulated for a year or so, after which they are wasted away due to being expired.

However, it is important for members to know that while SCENE points may not expire, their SCENE+ cards certainly can. Find out more about it below.

Do SCENE+ Cards Expire?

As long as you have an active SCENE+ card, your SCENE points won’t expire. But, if your SCENE+ card expires, all of your accumulated points will expire with it, wasting away a great opportunity to enjoy free products and benefit from some amazing discounts.

If you’re a member of the SCENE+ loyalty program, you should know that your SCENE+ card can expire due to lack of usage. If you don’t use your SCENE+ card for a period of 2 years, SCENE will close your account, mark your card expired, and all of your SCENE points are going to be forfeited.

You should keep in mind that SCENE is committed to communicating with its members and providing a high quality of customer service. Therefore, they will reach out to you and inform you that your SCENE+ card is expiring soon. SCENE makes exhaustive efforts to notify members before the 2 years period is due and will also send you a warning before closing your account.

How to Redeem SCENE+ Points?

If you’re worried about your SCENE+ card expiring soon or have received a notice from SCENE about the 2-year mark coming up, it is best to redeem your points ASAP. This will help you ensure that your points aren’t wasted because of your SCENE card expiring.

Convert to Cash

You can easily convert your SCENE points to cash if you have a Scotiabank debit or credit card. All you need to do are the following steps:

Step 1 – Go to your Accounts page and select an eligible Scotia Rewards account.

Step 2 Log in to Scotia Rewards using your personal credentials and locate the Redeem Now button.

Step 3 Click on Redeem Now and then select Points Conversion.

Step 4 Follow the on-screen instructions as they guide you on how to redeem your SCENE points for cash.

Buy a Gift Card

On the other hand, you can also redeem your points in the form of a gift card to be used or given away to loved ones. Cineplex gift cards don’t expire, so you won’t have to worry about losing out on a great deal with these gift cards!

Connie snudden answered 2 years ago
They say my scene card is expired, how do I retrieve my points 

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