How to activate a Telus sim card?

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Ferdinand asked 2 years ago
Hi. I have received my new Telus SIM card but I am not sure about how to activate it. Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks!

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admin Staff answered 2 years ago
Telus offers two types of SIM cards: Standard SIM card and microSIM card.

You can activate your Telus SIM card by visiting their website or any Telus store near you.

There are two ways to start your Telus SIM card. You can either activate it online or do it by phone.

To activate your SIM card online, you will need an active internet connection and the 6-digit SIM activation code provided to you when purchased.

To activate by phone, take the 8-digit number that was also provided to you when purchased and call 1-800-731-8338 for English or 1-888-731-8338 for French service.

Have trouble activating your Telus SIM card? Here’s how to do it:

Visit and enter your ID number and password.

Enter your phone number or login information for an account if you already have one.

Register a new account with the same mobile number or use an existing account if you already have one.

Keep in mind that the activation process can take up to 24 hours, so be patient! Once successful, you can start using the service immediately.

If you don’t have a Telus account, you can still register a new account if you have an active prepaid card or if the card has been brought from another provider. Check out our step-by-step video to learn how to activate your device.

You may now use your mobile phone for local calling, text messaging, and data services with the Telus network in Canada if you are using a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet and need voice minutes, purchase additional minutes from the Bell website at and visit to complete the purchase process.

You may also purchase additional mobile data from or use your data allowance to surf the web and check email on your phone after you’ve activated it.

Congratulations – you’ve successfully activated your new Telus phone and started using it.

To activate the Telus sim card, you need to insert the sim card into the phone. This will take up to 30 minutes for activation; contact customer care if your phone or SIM card is not activated after this time has passed. If you are not sure how to insert the Telus SIM card, consult our handy guide!

Telus offers activation codes for new activations on its website. You will need your SIM card number or IMEI number to complete the activation process.

Kiera Doran answered 1 year ago
i need help 

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